Big Wet Butts

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Big Wet ButtsEvery red blooded ass lover will love BigWetButts because every babe on the site is a good looker and has a great ass. It needs be said though, that "great" means really good, because the chicks don't have huge asses, but just very good sized ones, but you don't need to worry about them being small though, because you won't see a skinny butt on the site.

BigWetButts is based on a simple premise, which is that you get good looking chicks with good bodies, you oil up their asses both inside and out, and then get them to suck guys' cocks until they're rock hard, after which they ram them up to the balls in very tight asses until the chicks squeal with excitement.

The earlier vids were OK, but all the later videos and pictures are high definition and you get to see every detail of a stretched ass and cum dribbling out of a pretty mouth, and there's group action and toying too and some of the lucky babes get their pussies and asses licked as well.

The videos can be downloaded in two different formats or streamed in flash, and the site no longer uses DRM which is great news. Every scene at BigWetButts comes with lots of options and there are one minute clips, full length clips, and digital picture galleries, and members of the site get access to a huge amount of bonus content via the network, and there are cams and video feeds too.

The membership price is more than reasonable, and the trial is a super deal, so go take a look at the tour now , and find out exactly what's on offer.


Niche: Gay

 The GaySissies site is packed full of high quality content of pretty young guys, that probably started wearing their sisters', and possibly their mothers' dresses, stockings and lingerie when they were still young kids.

The cross-dressers on the site are the real thing, and they aren't just pretending. They are women that are trapped in men's bodies and they want the same thing that every straight woman wants. They want to be held, to be made love to, and to suck cock.

The videos have nice plotlines which is always a bonus, and watching the transformation from young man to young woman is fascinating.

The final result is a beautiful girl than most straight men would jump at the chance to have sex with, and there are videos showing exactly that.

It's said that the vast majority of cross-dressers are not homosexual but the ones at GaySissies definitely are, and the hardcore sex on the site is very graphic.

Many of the men on the site probably got teased when they were at high school, but they now seem well adjusted and at home with their sissified life style.

The site is updating twice a week and will likely appeal to straights as well as to gays because of the transformation scenes.

Watching the guys put on sexy lingerie, pantyhose, pretty dresses and then professionally apply makeup is at times almost mesmerizing.

The tour is an excellent and honest one, and it gives a real good idea of what's inside, so go check it out now .

If you haven't visited the Legend Movies Showcase Site - then you probably should!

Niche: Hardcore

legendmoviesLegend Movies is a top producer of adult movies and the Legend Movies site is it's showcase and it has a truly great selection of high quality hardcore movies that you obviously won't see anywhere else!

Right now the site has several hundred movies and several thousand clips for download and since there are no download limits you could end up with a ton of great vids on your pc in just the first month of membership and there's no DRM either!

New content is getting added every day and you can search by either 'popular pornstars' or 'categories' and there are lots and lots of both!

If you don't want a whole movie, but just bits of it then no problem because there's the option that enables you to edit and make your own custom clips!

Scarlett Johansson got sewn into her dress at the Globe Awards.

Niche: Celebrities

Scarlett Johansson The actress Scarlett Johansson says that she was determined to show off her sylphlike figure in a skintight floor-length, peach colored 'Roland Mouret' gown at the Golden Globe Awards in 2005 and was horrified when the outfit burst at the seams because it was so tight.

"I wanted this Roland Mouret dress I wore to the 2005 Golden Globes to be really tight. But when I sat down in the car, I just heard, 'Zzzz!' And the back of my dress split! I had to be sewn back in!".

Scarlett also revealed that despite her current ash blonde hair that she hasn't ruled out experimenting with the color again in the future.

"I loved the white hair color I had in 2007 and I also loved it with the dark brown. Would I go back to it? Not anytime soon. It's hard on your hair. I just wanted it as white as I possibly could, like cream".

Victoria Beckham loves to dress up as a school teacher.

Niche: Celebrities

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham, who is married to soccer superstar David, said that she loves dressing up like a school teacher.

"My style hasn't changed since we moved to Los Angeles, not at all. I am very British in my style and I love pencil skirts and fitted blouses, classic cut dresses and well-fitted jeans, mixed with classic tailoring. And the 50s icons had such class too. I love the glamour and sophisticated style of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn".

And when asked about her hairstyles she had this to say ...

"To be honest, I never plan my hairstyles. I don't wake up and think, 'Ooh, I'm going to do this'. Who knows? I guess you will just have to wait and see!".

If you loved the classic porn movies then CaballeroClassics might well be the best choice for you!

Niche: Vintage

CaballeroClassicsCaballeroClassics is probably the perfect site for anyone that loves not only vintage movies but also the ones that starred the biggest pornstars of the eras.

The site has a large and growing number of movies that can be downloaded or streamed plus something which is fairly unique!

If you simply want to download sections then simply choose where to start and where to finish the clip!

CaballeroClassics offers unlimited downloads, and new films are getting added every week plus there are lot of bonus sites and feeds to from other sites so go check out the tour now and discover just how much the site has to offer fans of the niche!

Heather Locklear gets a fine, probation and DEP

Niche: Celebrities

Heather Locklear The actress, Heather Locklear whose credits include "Dynasty" and "Melrose Place avoided DUI charges in Santa Barbara on Friday by pleading guilty to a lesser offense.

A court official said an attorney for the actress entered a no-contest plea to a misdemeanor reckless driving charge and added that Locklear did not appear in court.

Ms Locklear was given three years of informal probation, will pay a fine and have to attend a driver's education program, said Lee Carter, who is a Santa Barbara senior deputy district attorney.

Tests revealed no alcohol in Locklear's system following her September arrest but prosecutors charged her in November with driving under the influence of prescription drugs.

Locklear's attorney, Blair Berk, declined to comment.

If you're a Mac user then I have good news for you!

Niche: Mac Computer

PornDifferentA Mac is a truly great computer but if you love porn then it's got its drawbacks because the majority of adult sites don't cater for the Mac user. There's some very good news though because PornDifferent is doing just the opposite and everything on their site has been optimized for speed and for your Mac and the QuickTime movies display at 480x360.

The site has lots of good looking content in lots of different categories and once you've downloaded it, it's yours for keeps because there's no DRM protection.

PornDifferent offers unlimited downloads plus cams and pictures so go check the tour right now and start downloading great adult content that was created just for your Mac!

A huge archive of Euro teens in hardcore action and bonus sites too!

Niche: Teen

CandyFilmsCandyFilms has a enormous archive of teen hardcore videos and pics and the site is updating on a daily basis which is amazing!

In addition to all the cute and very hot teens that suck and fuck the site also has live webcams, chat-rooms and full screen pictures.

All the CandyFilms vids are DRM license free and there are no other viewing restrictions of any kind so you can download them and keep as many of them as you want and watch them anytime, alone or with friends.

The movies are full length and the pics are big plus members get unlimited access to a growing number of premium sites so go check the tour now and see exactly what's on offer.

Who did Madonna donate $3.1 million dollar to in 2007?

Niche: Celebrities

MadonnaAccording to newly available tax filings for her 'Ray of Light Foundation', Madonna donated $3.1 million last year and the bulk of it went to the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles.

Madonna demonstrated her genuine devotion to Kabbalah by donating  a total of $2,626,529 to the Kabbalah Center itself and an additional $4,025 to the group's offshoot, 'Spirituality for Kids'.

Madonna's other notable donations of include $250,000 to Mobilization Against AIDS; $15,000 to the TJ Martell Foundation for Leukemia and Cancer Research, $23,000 to a group that sets up playgrounds in Russia; some to the All Saints Church in Pasadena, Calif., and to the Los Angeles Jewish Big Brothers and Sisters but none to groups like the Red Cross, Save the Children, or even Doctors Without Borders.

Considering that Madonna made a documentary about Malawi and even threw a fundraiser for it last February with Gucci and UNICEF, it does seem more than a little strange that she didn't spread her wealth to a region that so needs it. The whereabouts of the $3.7 million that was raised for it are as yet unknown but the destination might become known when Form 990s are filed.