Smoking dommes have a hot way of humiliating their slaves!

Niche: Fetish

MySmokingMistressAs you'd mostly likely guess from the name of the site all of the babes at MySmokingMistress smoke but what might not be so obvious however  is that it's a femdom site with a difference.

There's all the regular femdom stuff that you'd expect such as collars, leashes, kicking and foot and boot licking etc. but it's what they do with their cigarettes and cigars that's different.

The put them out on their whimpering slaves and often use the cowering men's mouths as ashtrays.

The vids and pics are high quality and exclusive and the videos all run around eighteen minutes.

Right now anyone that signs up gets the option of two additional sites at a reduced price so if you enjoy femdom action then now would be a good time to check the tour.


Naughty girls that get spanked hard and will do anything to stop the pain!

Niche: Fetish

DirtySpankIf you get turned on by seeing or spanking beautiful but very naughty girls then you'll most likely move into overdrive when you visit  DirtySpank because it features great looking and very sexy looking girls getting their cute butts spanked very red!

The girls all of whom are over 18 have misbehaved and therefore have to be punished and the ones at DirtySpank get spanked so hard that they're willing to do just about anything to stop the pain.

Updates are coming fast and if you love the niche then so should you.

The videos are fully downloadable and have No DRM (no license restrictions) so go check out the tour and maybe start downloading right away.




Go take a look at My Slave Life right now! And that's an ORDER!

Niche: Fetish

MySlaveLife.Femdom and submission sites are very popular right now and if you enjoy them or haven't yet tried one then go take a look at MySlaveLife.

It's packed with gorgeous young dommes that subject their willing slaves to all kinds of degrading things such as face-sitting, bondage, light torture and foot and boot kissing.

There are plenty of high quality videos on the site that are all around fifteen minutes in length and they're available in both AVI and MPG formats and there are lots of high quality photos too.

The tour has a long trailer that you can check out and you can even send the great looking babes your favorite fantasy direct from the site and if it doesn't yet exist and it's legal then you can expect to see it appear on the site fairly quickly.

So go take a look right now.

And that's an order!

Spineless Guys Get Hot Wax Dropped On Them ..

Niche: Fetish

waxpunishmentWaxPunishment is a truly great site for the Femdom lover who wants to see this small niche in all its blazing and burning glory but the faint of heart may want to give it a miss.

After the hot chicks on the site get through torturing the spineless guys who get in their way, you'll be left either gasping at or enjoying the awful forms of abuse the guys get subjected to.

Members of WaxPunishment get access to 2 bonus sites and get tons of daily updated, high-quality content with no download limits, so if the niche sounds good then go check out the tour now!

If cute and sexy but very naughy chicks getting punished sounds good then check this site!

Niche: Fetish

DirtySpankIf the sound of sexy young ladies getting their tight little bottoms spanked bright red sounds good and you haven't yet visited the DirtySpank tour then go take a look at it and you'll more than likely be very impressed as well as very turned on!

The cuties have misbehaved so what's a guy to do?

Spank them of course, but only after taking off their ever so sexy little panties.

Updates are coming fast and you should too because the chicks will give anything just to stop the pain!

So go take a look at DirtySpank right now!