Niche: Gay

 The GaySissies site is packed full of high quality content of pretty young guys, that probably started wearing their sisters', and possibly their mothers' dresses, stockings and lingerie when they were still young kids.

The cross-dressers on the site are the real thing, and they aren't just pretending. They are women that are trapped in men's bodies and they want the same thing that every straight woman wants. They want to be held, to be made love to, and to suck cock.

The videos have nice plotlines which is always a bonus, and watching the transformation from young man to young woman is fascinating.

The final result is a beautiful girl than most straight men would jump at the chance to have sex with, and there are videos showing exactly that.

It's said that the vast majority of cross-dressers are not homosexual but the ones at GaySissies definitely are, and the hardcore sex on the site is very graphic.

Many of the men on the site probably got teased when they were at high school, but they now seem well adjusted and at home with their sissified life style.

The site is updating twice a week and will likely appeal to straights as well as to gays because of the transformation scenes.

Watching the guys put on sexy lingerie, pantyhose, pretty dresses and then professionally apply makeup is at times almost mesmerizing.

The tour is an excellent and honest one, and it gives a real good idea of what's inside, so go check it out now .


Niche: Gay

BlackStudSocietyIf you're gay and you like very big and very muscular ebony dudes then you should love BlackStudSociety!

The site has thousands of fresh pictures and high quality videos and the content is 100% original and updated weekly!

This gay site features handsome gay black men with huge black cocks that are ready and willing to have XXX hardcore sex and to be filmed doing it.

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Niche: Gay

HisFirstHugeCockCan you imagine going up to a stranger and asking him if he's ever had a huge cock in his ass?!

Well that's what the guys at HisFirstHugeCock do!

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Niche: Gay

HisFirstGaySexHisFirstGaySex isn't just XXX but it's a whole lot of fun too.

Good looking straight guys get conned into losing their anal virginity in very inventive and clever ways.

Right now the site has over 100+ full length high quality movies of guys losing their cherries and members of the site get access to eight high quality bonus sites so go take a look now!


Niche: Gay

BrokeStraightBoysMany straight guy have trouble making ends meet and need cash and the guys at BrokeStraightBoys are more than happy to help them out of their predicament!

The site is very exciting and a whole lot of fun!

Weird perhaps that some of the straight guys will agree to a vibrator up their asses but won't masturbate and others will allow a cock into their asses but won't allow a blow-job.

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Niche: Gay

SchoolboySecretsSchoolboySecrets features very good looking young guys in supposedly first time gay sex with older and handsome men and lots of others besides!

This is a nice quality site that is full of very sexy content that offers original movies, stories and bonus videos and there is no download limit.

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Niche: Gay

BfCollectionBfCollection means boy's fun and the site has a ton of 18-19 year olds of all colors, shapes and sizes and they do what they love indoors and outdoors with a passion that only guy of that age can do!

The site presently has over 350,000 pics and 900+ movies in the database already with 8 more downloadable movies being added every week and everything is 100% exclusive.

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Niche: Gay

CollegeBoysLiveIf you want to see what gay college boys do in their frat houses and you want to watch them any time of the night or day then CollegeBoysLive should satisfy you.

The site has 64 cams turning 24/7 and now boasts over 34,000 images too. When a lot of the boys taste their first bit of anal action or they blow or get blown for the first time you'll see it happen - live!

The boys get a little drunk and there are some orgies, then you'll see them - live!

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Niche: Gay

GayHitchHikerGayHitchHiker features a sex hungry gay stud that cruises the highways looking for people that need a lift.

His idea of a lift however is ramming his rock hard dick up their asses or if he's feeling real lazy then having the passenger suck his throbbing cock.

The site has hours and hours of quality video clips and they're all exclusive plus there are plenty of free clips to check out.

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