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Niche: Hardcore

legendmoviesLegend Movies is a top producer of adult movies and the Legend Movies site is it's showcase and it has a truly great selection of high quality hardcore movies that you obviously won't see anywhere else!

Right now the site has several hundred movies and several thousand clips for download and since there are no download limits you could end up with a ton of great vids on your pc in just the first month of membership and there's no DRM either!

New content is getting added every day and you can search by either 'popular pornstars' or 'categories' and there are lots and lots of both!

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Niche: Hardcore

Pussy-PlunderersPussy-Plunderers is a different kind of site and it's strictly XXX!

The site features guys that are great in the sack and babes that are experts and they both try to outdo each other!

And I mean outdo!

So what we have is a kind of who can outfuck and outsuck battle going on and you'd expect the babes and teens to win hands down but that's not always the case! Some of the dynamite looking chicks literally get fucked into submission!

Interesting hey!

The movies are DVD quality and members get a password that will give them access to not only five additional porn-star movie sites but a total of 374 sites from other niches too.


Niche: Hardcore

SuperstarFuckersSuperstarFuckers is full of great looking pics and videos of fantastic looking teens and babes involved in every XXX action imaginable!

There is a lot of interracial interaction on the site and the quality of the videos is - DVD!

If you visit the site you'll notice that all of the great looking women look like incredibly beautiful but hungry whores!

Not that that's a bad thing and I'd love one right now!

Go check out the smiling faces covered with cum and if you do join then you'll get access to over 300 additional sites which is a fantastic deal!


Niche: Hardcore

Genuine-Hard It would be a lot easier to tell you what you won't see at Genuine-Hard but I'll be a good guy and tell you about much of what it has!

A lot of the good looking pics and vids on the site feature very sexy teens and babes getting every kind of action from the neighbor or the delivery boy because their boyfriend is on vacation or whatever and they are horny as hell.

They go wild and the action is very XXX!

The site also has interracial lesbian action which is quite rare and even some glory hole action.

Members get a pass to 52 hardcore sites and 370+ niche sites so check it out now!

Genuine Hardcore

Niche: Hardcore

You're only ever going to find genuine hardcore here with our girls. These babes aren't into playing games or posing for the camera and when they're hot and horny there's only one thing they want to do. They just want to fuck their brains out and they don't care whether you're watching or not.

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Pussy Plunderers

Niche: Hardcore

She's ready to take on his cock, but he's not so sure he's ready for her! He's heard rumors about the things she could do, and he hoped his heart would be strong enough to take it! The second she sees him, she pounces on him and guides his power-packed pecker into her pussy and grinds on it so hard he screams out HER name!

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