A tranny site that's different. It's a reality one!

Niche: Trannies

ShemaleRealityIf you like and have visited a lot of tranny sites then you most likely feel that you know pretty much what's on offer.

I just came across a t-girl site that is very different though because it's a reality site that has content of regular guys that unknowingly pick up a shemale and only find out the truth when she's too hot to handle.

If you enjoy the niche then ShemaleReality is really worth checking out because it's so different. The trannies look great but the guys often look shocked.

And most succumb!

I can't promise that the action is real but it looks it so go make up your own mind now.

A beautiful t-girl from Thailand with a cock that's probably bigger than yours!

Niche: Trannies

Areeya There are now a lot of tranny sites that feature great looking shemales from Brazil but AreeyasWorld features a very hot t-girl from Thailand and that's not all that's different.

The site has high definition videos, hi-res pictures, a personal diary plus some real nice music mixes that Areeya personally created.

Areeya has a great body and feminine features and you'd be forgiven for mistaking her for a stunning chick even before you'd had a few drinks. So imagine the trouble you could get into in a semi-dark club after several drinks.

She has a cock that's more than likely much bigger than yours and she's more than proud to show every inch of what she's got so go take a look at the tour now.

A feminine looking Thai tranny with a nine inch dick that she can suck!

Niche: Trannies

Long MintLongMint is unique t-girl site in many ways. Mint is a very cute Thai t-girl that sucks her nine inch cock which is not something that you see every day and the high definition videos and pictures mean than you can see every detail.

Not only is the site updating every week but every update is very different and the readers' comments suggest that they are more than happy with the site so if you like the niche then I'd say that it's definitely worth checking out so go check out some promos now!

Black Brazilian Females In Hardcore Hi-def action ..

Niche: Trannies


Take just one look at BlackBrazilianShemales and you'll know right away that the site was put together by people that love the niche and you'll more than likely be startled by the high definition content and the many trannies that you're unlikely to have ever seen before!

All the videos on the site are exclusive and even when displayed at 1440x1080 they still look super sharp and clear and the photos look incredible too!

The videos are both downloadable and streaming and if you like the t-girl niche then you should love the site, so go check it out right now and enjoy!

Black Brazilian Shemales in hi-def action and bonus sites too ..

Niche: Trannies

BlackBrazilianShemalesIf you're perhaps in the mood to check out the kinkier and perhaps more exotic side of sexy or you're already a tranny fan then go take a look at BlackBrazilianShemales. The site offers high definition content that still looks fantastic when displayed at 1440x1080 of sexual activity that's both obscene and beautiful at the same time!

The site features t-girls of black and Latin origin in nylon, lingerie, cum eating, ass play, threesomes and toying action and it's updating every week.

At the time of writing, anybody that renews his membership will also gets access to any of the following top tranny sites, ExtremeLadyBoys, SheaniMale, ShemalenNova, CDFun, SheMature or LB-69.

So go take a look at the tour now and perhaps be amazed by what you see!

ShemaleNova has high definition and it's setting the standard for tranny sites!

Niche: Trannies

ShemaleNovaIf you love and enjoy tranny sites and are wondering if you've found the best one then go check out ShemaleNova if you haven't already because it's the one that most likely sets the bar for all the others.

It features high definition videos, HD photos and it's updating every 2-3 days! The content is all shot in house so it's 100% percent exclusive and as well as the sucking and fucking that you'd expect from a top site there's also domination, gang bangs, reality, ass play and some interactive content as well.

Members of ShemaleNova also get full access to one of, ExtremeLadyboys, SheAniMale, BlackBrazilianShemales, CDFun, SheMature or LB-69 so the deal is a good one

The tour has plenty of free promos so go take a look at them now and see the difference that hi-def makes and check out the t-girls and the presentation too!



Niche: Trannies

eXtremeLadyBoyseXtremeLadyBoys features Asian trannies in hardcore action.

The shemales on the site are very feminine and they get a lot of XXX pounding in every orifice.

The site has bondage, fetish and group scenes too and the quality is excellent plus all the material is original and exclusive.

Members get a special deal on the owners other four sites so go check the site out now!


Niche: Trannies

OnlyTGirlsT-girls are trannies and OnlyTGirls has a lot of fantastic looking ones that have a lot of fun with their lovers and with themselves.

The shemales come from all over the world and are proud to show off their super female bodies and boobs and their big rock hard cocks!

The site gets updated daily and members get access to two other good bonus sites.

The photos are the best part of the site because they're original and very high quality and if you love trannies then go check out some of the best looking ones now!


Niche: Trannies

ShemalesGetFuckedI found ShemalesGetFucked an impressive site!

Unsuspecting straight guys pick up the shemales which is like the spider waiting for the fly and quickly end up in the sack with them and find the sexual attention that they get fantastic.

Soon it's payback time and the former straight either ends up sucking on a big dick on getting fucked in the ass.

Go take a look now at the somewhat unusual 69 action - where both the guy and the shemale both suck cock!


Niche: Trannies

AssToyedShemalesLet me say right up front that AssToyedShemales is different from other tranny sites.

There are plenty of shemale sites on the web but this one focuses on great looking trannies toying themselves and each other!

They use dildos, vibrators, and vegetables and one even has a burning candle (flame side out) stuck in her ass!

Now that's hot!

If you thought that tranny sites were for the kinky then think again because AssToyedShemales is full of kinky shemales!